Our latest blog comes from Artistic Colourist, Mark who works at our Sutton Coldfield Salon. Mark explains the stages to hair colouring and how going lighter unfortunately can’t happen overnight!

Ever since the Kardashians hit our TV screens in 2007, they have been a major ‘go to’ image for clients and us as hairdressers have seen endless images from clients as their ultimate hair goals.

Here is a timeline of how Khloe Kardashian overtime has gone from glossy chocolate brown, subtle dark blonde balayage, to a warm golden blonde and eventually achieving the clean ash bright blonde she currently supports. These images show the perfect timeline in what us as hairdressers can achieve with your colour whilst going through the lightening process.

As we can see the second photo show Khloe supporting warmer/richer/autumnal tones which are usually achieved with your first go of lightening.

By your third and fourth visit to the hairdressers this is when we can start to see more of a difference. A soft lift of subtle golden tones can be achieved.

Take note every one’s hair is different and results can depend on the condition of the hair.

Patients is key to taking your hair lighter as your desired look may take multiple trips to the salon… It took Khloe between 12 to 18 months to get to picture number 5!



Maintenance is also a huge part of achieving lighter healthier hair, here at James Bushell Hair we recommend using Kerastase products and adding Olaplex to your colour service to maintain your healthy locks! Using Kerastase products help maintain and lock your colour in while cheap products can contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the molecules in your colour.

Olaplex is the ‘go to’ conditioning treatment in preserving hair condition whilst lightening your hair. Using Olaplex in your hair service greatly increases the chance of getting your hair lighter without the expected damage. They also offer a take-home conditioning treatment No.3 and the newly released No. 4 & No. 5 – Olaplex everyday shampoo and conditioner.


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