Colour Services


We offer a comprehensive number of highlighting services, including full head highlights and half headlights. They are the perfect way to get a lighter shade of hair. Highlights are individually woven into your hair for a multi-dimensional look. We can create lighter, brighter or multi-tonal effects by working with iced blondes, golden honey and caramel highlights. These can be great ways to find new colours to compliment your skin tone.

Highlights or Lowlights can be partially or fully applied throughout the hair, from a variety of colours, from bold to natural. Partial highlights, commonly referred to as half head highlights, are generally placed around your face to accentuate your features and subtly brighten up the overall appearance of your natural hair colour.  

Half head highlights are a great way to lighten hair without undergoing a full overhaul of your natural hair colour. Full head highlights, on the other hand, create a much more dramatic, all-over colour transformation. Whilst this is not the same as a full head colour, full head highlights create a more even, defined colour lift and hair lightening effect throughout your whole hair.


Lowlights involve using colours that are darker than your natural colour. In contrast, highlights use colours that are lighter than your natural shade. Lowlights can soften and break up harsh blondes, creating a more natural highlighted effect. This helps your hair colour grow out naturally. Lowlights produce a more subtle result giving your hair a more natural finish.


services as they gradually fade out with each wash with a 8-14 weeks maintenance required. These colours boost condition and shine. A gloss can help fine tune a shade to be more even, darken, or brighten the existing colour. 

Natural Glossing

Natural glossing is a semi-permanent colour particularly good for creating chocolate brown, cherry reds and rich chestnut hair tones. If you’ve not had colour before then a gloss is ideal as it naturally washes out over time.

Pre-Lightener & Toner Pre lightener will give your hair maximum lift -so whether it’s iced blonde or pearly milkshake this is a real head turner for hair.

Fashion Hair Colour

Fashion colour is specifically designed by your colour technician for your hair and cut to showcase your style. Whether it is Balayage or Ombre our colour specialists will be able to perform your hair dreams.

INdividual approach to the choice of your style

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