New Year, New Hair, New Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

James Bushell is looking to the New Year, with a hair salon launch in Sutton Coldfield we outline all your haircare needs for 2019.
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We are exceptionally proud and excited to announce our new hair salon location in Sutton Coldfield, this new salon comes in addition to already having our hair salons in Edgbaston, Solihull and Birmingham city centre.

We have now launched our latest hair salon in the plush, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield area.

If you are looking for that pre-New Year refresh, you should book yourself in as quickly as you can, as appointments are already booking up quickly.

This latest salon employs all the services as available in other stores, this ranges from restyles, cuts, colours and occasion styling – including weddings.

So let’s take a better look at the different styles, services and options available to you in 2019.

Wedding Services

Weddings are a seasonal affair, whether you are a guest or the bridegroom, hair plays an important part to this monumentous day.

We are experts in handcrafting detailed updos which will look elegant and refined on your big day.

With the latest hair salon opening in Sutton Coldfield James Bushell have a comprehensive coverage of the Birmingham area for all hairdressing needs, thus you won’t need to look any further.

You need only pick up the phone and speak to one of our stylists in order to start planning your most glamorous aesthetic.

James Bushell Wedding styling - in article

Restyling to Find Your Best You

It’s the end of the year now, we all are feeling that slump, gearing up to Christmas we all could do with a pick me up.

There truly is no better feeling than walking out of a hair salon with a whole new look, with the right colour and cut you can feel like a whole new you.

The whole James Bushell experience is a unique and relaxing journey.

The team are all exceptionally talented and creative individuals who will cater to your every need. This is true for all four of our salons, including the new Sutton Coldfield branch.

If you are feeling a little worn and want to feel a little refreshed before the New Year, we can help with that!

James Bushell styling services - in article

The team of hair stylists cultivated by James Bushell are incredibly talented, one of our Edgbaston stylists actually assisted on set for a Fenty Beauty shoot in Birmingham.

If you are in search of that star factor, you don’t need to look further than James Bushell.

A Brave New Blonde

In the spirit of new starts why not opt for a whole new colour at our new Sutton Coldfield hair salon? All of our hair salon branches are expertly trained and versed in embracing new and bold colour looks.

If not blonde then a stronger brown or red or even a balayage. We have become the experts in delivering a beautiful buttery blend of balayage blends, leaving all of our clients thrilled and feeling super confident.

Colour can be harsh on hair, however, at James Bushell, we go that extra mile to ensure our clients only receive the best possible products and treatments in haircare.

This includes implementing unique colour technology such as Olaplex in our luxury salons. What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a product which allows you to lighten your hair without damage from bleach-based products. Olaplex works by reconnecting the disulphide sulphur bonds that get broken in the process of hair colouring and lightening, therefore leaving you with stronger, healthier looking hair and a longer-lasting colour.

So all the fun with none of the damage, it’s a win-win!

James Bushell hair colour change - in article
So, whether you want help perfecting your New year aesthetic with a sleek and fun hairstyle.

Or, you are craving a full revamp of your look for this coming year; James Bushell will be the perfect aid in crafting that key look.

To Book please call 0121 711 1100 and select from one of four hair salon store options:

Option 1 – Edgbaston

Option 2 – Solihull

Option 3 – Harvey Nichols

Option 4 – Sutton Coldfield

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