5 minutes with Advanced Colour Technician Jamie Newton

5 minutes with Jamie Newton


How did you get into your hairdressing career?


I had a passion for hairdressing from a young age and I felt I would be able to show my creative side by being a colour technician. I was always admiring the different hair styles and colours on everyone I would meet.


What’s the best thing about being a colour technician?


I love my clients. I have clients of all different ages and who have different styles. I could never get bored of being a colour technician and everyday is different and no two hair colours are the same.


What’s the best advice you would give to your clients?


To look after your hair, by using Kerastase products. This will help maintain your colour and it all pays off in the end as you will have fabulous hair. Also, not to be afraid of change, as change is good. You must always be yourself and go with what you want.


How would you describe your colouring style?


Less is more! I don’t like to create a look that someone else has. I like to work alongside my clients hair, working with what they have got, rather than working against it.

It is important for me to make my clients feel comfortable.


What is your favourite meal?


Depends on my mood. Unhealthy is Pizza. Healthy is Steak and veg!


Who are your icons?


Guy Tang, his colours are amazing.


Sofa or Gym?


Gym than sofa!


What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


I wake up early and get all my house work out of the way. I then walk my dog and enjoy a lazy afternoon cooking a Sunday dinner.