Summer Celebrity Styles At Your Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

With the best stylists in Hollywood, it’s no surprise celebrities often have the best hair. However, with an expert professional hair salon just on your doorstep in Sutton Coldfield, there’s no reason why you can’t unlock the hairstyle of your dreams this summer. 

Be prepared to attend your next salon appointment armed with the screenshots needed to live your best life… Here, we are going to provide a list of celebrity hair trends to look out for in 2019, giving your all the style inspiration you need this summer.

Life’s a Beach with Loose Waves

As well as being a hugely popular look in Hollywood at the moment, this au naturel style brings the added benefit of being easy to maintain and repeat once you leave the salon. 

Perfect for adding a surfer-girl texture and voluptuous body to your hair, natural waves can be achieved by our expert stylists through curling a few face-framing sections of your hair to bring out your best features.Those with wild, untameable hair can embrace their natural genetics with this style as well, by embracing shaggy, more undone waves. 

Also, why not consult with your stylist about the option to mix in gradual coloured highlights to your look in order to add some extra texture and depth? American model Chrissy Teigen’s glowing, bayalage tinted hair is the perfect celebrity inspiration for this glamorous style. 

Balayage All the Way

After exploding onto life a couple of years ago, the dyed balayage style has maintained its position as one of the most popular means of hair tinting within the world of celebrities. 

Despite beginning initially as a sort of accidental success, celebrities and professional hairdressers alike soon caught on to how glamorous and eye-catching this gradually tinted style can look. 

Almost every celebrity in the California state has experimented with ombre dying at some point, proving that it can be a strong look on anyone, regardless of hair type. One reason this look is so popular is that it doesn’t just give you the opportunity to experiment with a new shade, but it can also add definition and depth to your hair.

However it’s vital that you invest in the help of an experienced stylist who can make the balayage style of dying appear natural and gradual. This expert service can great the illusion that your tips have grown out gradually and naturally under the summer glow.

Brightening up the red carpet once more, Ariana Grande’s golden balayage style takes the long ponytail style to a whole ‘nother level. If growing out your hair to this insane length isn’t a realistic option for you then don’t worry, a shorter style could still work just as well in the hands of the right stylist. Alternatively, hair extensions can be a great way to temporarily experiment with a super-long, ombré style such as this one. 

Fancy experimenting with the balayage style but unsure if it’ll suit your hairstyle? Our team of expert colour stylists based in Sutton Coldfield would be more than happy to talk through your options and see how to get the most from your hair type. 

Sharp & Vibrant Colour

Smokey hues, punky aesthetics and sharp colours are on the up in the world of celebrity hairstyles right now, and why not? These deep purple and lavender colour schemes don’t only make you stand out from the crowd, but they also contrast great for those with a paler skin complexion.

Another huge benefit of this bold style is that it can actually look even better once the roots have grown out a little. American singer and songwriter Katy Perry’s blunt, lavender style bob with bangs evidences how a bit of vibrant colour can add youthful energy to any style!

Fancy trying out this contemporary look for yourself? Or after something a tad more subtle? Either way, our expert team are on hand to provide you with the best hair colour services in the Sutton Coldfield area. 

It’s Braiding Season!

During the scorching British summer months (talk about wishful thinking…) braids are the ideal way to add a little something different to your style, whilst simultaneously keeping you cool and collected in the sun. 

Braids are a fantastic way to “accessorise” without the need to actually use any accessories! Instead, all you need to do is invest in a pair of expert hands to help you show off a glamorous new style this summer with this classic look.

From Rapunzel-esque fishtail styles, to more casual side braids and statement braided buns – there are lots of options for all hair types and lengths under this category. 

Maria Menounos’s high-braided updo is the perfect example of how this style leaves room for you and your stylist to get creative and craft an eye-catching style which brings the best out of your facial features. 

See how our stylists could help you get your desired look and book an appointment to our Sutton Coldfield Hair Salon today.

Working with a Sutton Coldfield Hair Salon You Can Trust

Like the look of any of the celebrity hairdos on offer? Our team of expert stylists at the Sutton Coldfield salon would love to help you achieve the hairstyle of your dreams this summer. Providing care, professionalism and attention to detail are some things we take very seriously and we will always take the time to listen to your exact requests and make you feel comfortable from beginning to end of your appointment.
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