Hairdressers in Solihull Give You Their Best Hairstyles for Date Night

Regardless of whether it’s the big first date with your longtime crush, date no. 134 with the hubby at your favourite burger place, or a cocktail and catch-up night with the girls, everyone wants to look their stylish best when going out for an occasion. 

With this in mind, our expert Solihull hairdressers have compiled a list of the best hairstyles to flaunt on date nights, regardless of your specific plans. Never experience a bad hair day again with our collection of the best hairstyles to try out on your next date night!

The Effortlessly Elegant Look: Loose Curls 

This natural style will leave you in the perfect middle ground between laid back and glam for date night. All face shapes, hair types, and ages can benefit from the face framing benefits of this chic, beach babe look.
Despite its straightforward fashion, it’s important that you invest in professional advice to get the best from loose curls. Our Solihull hairdressers could even help you add something different to this style with the addition of some subtle braids, pulling hair away from the front of your face to leave your best features on show.

The Hard to Figure Out Look: Half-up Half-down 

When done right, this low key style can be the perfect look for both heading out to a romantic italian restaurant or a quiet dinner in. 

Perfect for both shorter-medium or long hair types, the versatility of the half-up half-down haircut means that it will never go out of fashion. A timeless style to keep your date guessing what type of woman you really are… 

The Flirtatious Look: Messy Ponytail

A modern twist on a timeless classic, the messy ponytail is perfect for giving off a laidback impression on a first date, even if you’re secretly a bag of nerves! This stylishly messy, bed hair aesthetics of this look will give the illusion that you’ve just rolled out the house looking ten out of ten and ready for a carefree night of fun. 

It’s imperative with this hairstyle to invest in the professional expertise of a professional stylist. Our expert Soilhull hairdressers will put in the care to suit your preference, either creating a more slicked back ponytail or creating a more textured, curled and vulimonous style. 

The Sun Kissed Look: Balayage 

Balayage hair colouring will have your date in awe of you sun-kissed, natural looking hair tone. A popular choice in Hollywood at the moment, this type of style is perfect for those wanting to add some depth and texture to their locks.

Whilst this is a more long term decision, this graduating, ombre style will give you a glamorous look to rock out for months of dates, thanks to the softer growth lines it produces. 

Interested in balayage? Our professional solihull hairdressers will select tones and colours to suit your skin tone, meaning you best features will be lit up and ready to glow on your next date.

The Romantic Look: Voluminous Updo

The voluminous updo is sure to add definition and shape to your facial features and have your date falling head over heals on the big night. 

Ideal for keeping cool under pressure, this is a classic and voluptuous style which can be the perfect choice for those wishing to add a bit of romantic energy to their date. This style also gives a great opportunity to get creative with various choices of accessories, finding a look that matches your personality perfectly. 

It’s imperative when opting for the voluminous updo style to find a stylist who takes the time and effort to work with your hair length and volume, not against them! Our Solihull hairdressers would love the chance to help your bring best out of your personality for the big occasion with this eye-catchingly elegant style. 

The Chic Look: French Twist

A classic and popular hairstyle, this chic look will go perfect with your next little black dress occasion, showcasing yourself as a professional and elegant contemporary woman who’s ready for action.

Due to its intricacy, the french twist can be quite intimidating when trying to perfect yourself, which is why it’s important to invest in the expert services of your local Solihull hairdresser.

The Contemporary Look: Pixie Cut

Let your date know you’re a modern and confident woman with this short and choppy haircut. This contemporary look will let you to choose between a variety of styles depending on what sort of vibe you’re feeling, making it a perfect option for serial daters!

The versatility on show will allow you to choose between a more sleek, slicked back style or alternatively exhibiting a messier look through keeping it tousled and loose. Those with finer hair will also be able to add the appearance of thickness, dimension and texture to their hair here.

Ultimately, the pixie cut will accentuate your best features through placing more emphasis on the facial structure and putting you in the spotlight for the big night.

The Fairytale Look: Fishtail Braid

Fit for a princess, this Rapunzel-inspired style is a timessly romantic classic and will be sure to arrest the attention of your date when it comes to that highly-anticipated night. Those with luscious long hair will have no problem braiding their hair into a masterpiece with the expert help of a professional Solihull hairdresser

However, if your hair isn’t quite long enough to be effective, then our expert stylists could  easily make it work with extensions. If you’re feeling a lil’ extravagant, then you can always add a stylish accessory such as studded flowers to really complete the look.

Working with a Hair Salon You can Trust

Want to make your date night an evening to remember? Our expert stylists at James Bushell have been delivering expert hair care to the Solihull area for years. 

We deliver a service which places emphasis on care, professionalism and attention to detail, allowing you to feel confident that our stylists are always going to maximise your potential. Get in contact today to book an appointment at our Solihull hairdressers.