New Year…New Hair?

New Year…New Hair?

Majority of females by December decide that come January they are going to become a new person. New Diet, New Job, New Fitness Regime and most importantly NEW HAIR!

This is where we come in. If you’re looking for a new hair style, colour or even length. Look no further than James Bushell Hair.

The latest hair trends for 2018

Curls are here to stay! Embrace your natural curls by making sure you have a GOOD cut. The bigger the better for 2018! Leave the relaxer at home and think like Anna Lynne Mcord!


Out with the platinum and in with the dirty blonde. Gone are the days when everyone wanted the hard to obtain platinum colour. Now it is all about darker roots with more caramel highlights pulled through. This will make your hair look bang on trend and keep you out of the salon every 3 weeks for root touch ups!


No longer just for WAGS or girls out on the town. This look has become popular all over again with it being shown on runways across the world. Glossy Glamorous hair that looks healthy is back, it’s fashions nod to the 80’s.


Think back to the messy plaits you sported when you were 16. The perfect way to pull off a style that takes a couple of minutes but looks like you’ve spent hours on it in front of the mirror.


This look is surprisingly wearable. Our advanced stylists will be able to create you a fringe that will make you fall in love with them all over again. If they feel this trend won’t work for you, they will advise you of alternative options. Always opt for a lighter longer fringe. This is more versatile and easier to grow out if you hate it that much.

Like the look of any of the above?


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