Hairdressers Top Tips for Happy and Healthy Hair

Here at James Bushell Hair, we understand that sometimes all anyone needs is abit of advice on how to keep their hair looking healthy. We have asked our hairdressers from all 3 of our salons for their top tips on how to look after your hair, with a few of their own home remedies thrown in.

Craig (Edgbaston & Harvey Nichols Salon)

  • Always brush your hair from the bottom up as this prevents breakages and allows the hair to detangle itself easier.
  • Avoid using elastic bands when tying your hair up. Elastic bands cause tension and breakages.
  • Do not wash your hair every day, this gets rid of all your hairs natural goodness. Say yes to the grease.

Kim (Edgbaston Salon)

  • Spray hairspray onto your grips before using them in your hair. This secures the grips into your hair and stops them from sliding in your hair.
  • Trick away your baby hairs by using abit of paste, Kim recommends Aveda control paste.
  • When curling your hair, use diagonal sections. This makes your curls sit better.

James Ganley (Edgbaston Salon)

  • Always invest in a good conditioner and make sure it is suitable for your hair type. If it isn’t suitable for our hair, it will end up having a negative effect on your hair

Sarah (Solihull Salon)

  • If you want create a beachy look, plait your hair when it is wet and wait for it to dry. Once your hair is dry, release the plaits and use a Sea Salt Spray to create texture.

Jamie Newton (Solihull Salon)

  • Never be tempted to colour your own hair! And always consult your hairdresser or colour technician before a big restyle / colour change.

Allan (Edgbaston Salon)

  • If you can’t get to hairdressers to get your roots done, tie your hair up and use an alice band to cover the roots. Quirky but Fab!

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