Balayage Hairstyles

The colour trend that has saturated the hair industry. If you haven’t seen, or heard of Balayages it’s quite possible you’ve been living under a rock. But what is a Balayage? Our expert colour technicians at our Manchester Hair Salon are here to talk you through all things balayage.

Many of us confuse the name ‘Balayage’ for the style itself but, the term refers to the dying technique that is used. Although it has existed for quite some time, thanks to A-listers such as, Chrissy Tegan, Jessica Alba, and of course Kim K, this luxe look has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

This remarkable method originated in France, and directly translates as ‘to sweep’ and ‘to ‘to paint’ in English. This simply defines what Balayages are. Highlights of colour being painted through the hair, by hand, to create a smooth variation of colour.

Unlike traditional highlights, it’s all about the blend. At our Manchester Hairdressers different tones and hues are merged effortlessly to create a, naturally iridescent, look. But what’s great about a Balayage, is the creativity that can be expressed, as you abandon the usual rules of hair dye. Experts mix bespoke colours, to give each one a unique look, regardless of length and hair type. At James Bushell Manchester, it’s fair to say, colourists have mastered the art to Balayage, delivering celeb-worthy looks every time.                                                               

Blonde Balayage Hairstyle
Blonde Balayage Hairstyle
Black Balayage Hairstyle
Black Balayage Hairstyle


What Balayage is best for you?

Balayages offer, an abundance of opportunities, for people of all hair types. However, it’s important to consider what would enhance your hair the most.

Some length is needed to paint on the dye, and create that shimmering, voluminous, look. If you have a pixie, or short cut, another dying technique may be more suitable.

If your hair is naturally dark, a mixture of brown and golden hues, are essential to achieve a graceful blend. However if your hair is light, blonde tones are generally a go-to. The key to a balayage, is to incorporate, colours that compliment your natural palette.

Our colourists at our Manchester Hairdressers take your features, and lifestyle into consideration when advising the best colour for you. Whether you’d prefer something subtle, or drastic, our bespoke service will exceed expectations.

Highlights Vs Balayage

Not only, are they a mouthful, these hair dying trends can really get confusing. Highlights, and Ombre, are the sisters of Balayage, and despite the resemblance, there are some differences.

Highlights are streaks of colour distributed throughout the hair to create, a prominent, contrast of colour. They start from the root are also done using foils.

Ombre refers to, a graduation of colour, from dark to light. The Ombre trend boomed from 2010, and is still extremely popular.

As if this needed to get any more complicated, balayage can also be a combination of the above, the possibilities are endless!  It’s all dependent on the look you’re going for.

Black Balayage Hairstyle
Black Balayage Hairstyle
Blonde Balayage Hairstyle
Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

What is so great about balayage?

Aside from the fact, the right balayage will make you feel red carpet ready, there are a lot of practical pros too.

Low Maintenance

If you love a pop of colour, but hate high maintenance, our Manchester hairdressers think this may be something worth considering. A Balayage is low maintenance, in comparison to foil highlights, and other colouring methods. The smooth blend of colour permits a gradual, phased out, growth. So you can trade those, fortnightly Salon, visits for monthly ones.

Cost Effective

In the long term it works out lighter on the pocket, with colours lasting months. Investing in the right products, combined with haircare in our salon, will provide you with a sun kissed balayage all year round.

Limits Damage

As lovely as it looks, staying on top of re-growth, can be quite damaging for your hair. Maintaining a full head of colour, or highlights, requires more frequent exposure to bleach, and other colouring products. Whereas, balayages don’t need to be touched up as often. Also, the distribution, of the dye, prevents the hair from becoming over processed.

They are unique

Even though you’ve probably browsed Instagram for hours, saving all things #balayage, the beauty is no two are the same. You can have face framing highlights, warm or ashy tones, you can even opt for bold bright colours… this style has no limits.

James Bushell Colourists at our Manchester hair salon provide, a complimentary, consultation before all colour services to determine exactly what you want to achieve. Each balayage is done with bespoke colour, and technique, suited to you and your hair.

How can I get the balayage look?

If you’ve been contemplating a balayage for a while, reading the above, will surely be the deal breaker. Balayage is so on trend and most definitely here to stay. Head over to our Instagram page to see the amazing work our colourists have created and get some inspiration for your own locks!  

James Bushell colourists are experts in delivering a, beautifully blended, balayage. We provide this luxury service at all of our salons across Birmingham and Manchester. Contact us today to book in for your complimentary consultation.