10 Styles For Your Wedding From Your Hair Salon in Birmingham

A wedding day isn’t just the first day of a couple’s new life together, but it is also a chance for a bride to sparkle with elegance and beauty. Envisioned by many young women as the best moment of their adult lives, the big day should be a joyous, stress-free occasion. Weddings can allow the bride to bask in the love of her friends and family whilst feeling as beautiful as can be.

Hair plays an important part in a woman’s image and can be a great source of self-confidence which is why it’s vital you invest in the services of expert Birmingham hairdressers you can trust.

To help you get set for the big day or maybe even start dreaming about how you’d like it to ideally go in the future – here’s a list of 10 hairstyles you could wear with pride on your wedding day.

1. The Fishtail Braid

Want to unleash your inner princess? This Disney-esque style is perfect for brides who have hair long enough to rock a Rapunzel inspired braid. Those with luscious long hair will have little issue braiding their hair into something elegant with the help of an expert Birmingham hairdresser. 

Is your hair not quite long enough to be effectively braided into this style? Not to worry – our expert wedding hair stylists can easily work with extensions. Also, this style is perfect for adding an accessory such as studded flowers for a bit of extra romance.

If you want to achieve that timeless and romantic style, we’re leading hairdressers in Birmingham who specialise in bridal hair services

2. Loose Curls

This more laid back style is perfect for any brides with thick enough hair to rock bouncy curls. Stylists can also help add some subtle braids to this style, pulling the hair away from your face and leaving your best features on show to be admired. It’s recommended when styling this type of cut to straighten the sections you wish to plait to minimise against the chance of stray hairs coming loose over the course of the day.

Loose curls are a popular bridal hairstyle for the summer months. If you’re trying to achieve an effortless bohemian look for your summer wedding, we’ll always recommend a classic curly style.

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3. The Pixie Cut

This modern style is a great choice for any confident, contemporary women. Suiting a variety of personal styles and preferences, the pixie cut can be:

  • Tousled for a loose, messy look
  • Slicked back for a classic and clean appearance
  • Spiked, perfect for those brides seeking a bit of drama in their look

Brides with fine hair may opt for this style to add the appearance of thickness, dimension and texture to their hair on the big day. Your best features will also be accentuated through this short, choppy style, placing more emphasis on your facial structure.

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4. Romantic Low Ponytail

The ponytail has obtained an unfair reputation in some circles for being more practical and boring than it is stylish and elegant. However, through investing in the right stylist, you can enjoy a romantic spin to this classic style. Also, this choice gives the perfect opportunity to add some romantic accessories like flowers to your hair to have you resembling the bride from your favourite childhood fairytale. 

Depending on your personal style, our expert hairdressers in the Birmingham city centre can either create a slicked back ponytail to suit a clean-cut dress, or create a more textured, curled ponytail for a relaxed appearance. 

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5. The Voluminous Updo 

This classic, voluptuous style is a perfect way to add definition and shape to your face whilst also keeping cool on your big day. This hairdo also gives a great opportunity to get creative with various choices of accessories to find a look that matches your personality perfectly.

We think this style looks gorgeous with hair that has undergone balayage treatment. This is because lifting up the hair will reveal the stunning highlights and melted tones of blonde or caramel that have been expertly blended into the hair.

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6. Rose Chignon

Like the look of these uniquely stylish long tresses? Well, two things are usually required for this complex yet traditional masterpiece: long hair (or extensions) and the experienced hands of a trusted stylist. 

In order to get this style right, it’s imperative that you invest in the services of a professional hair salon who is able to deal with its complexity and have you looking your elegant best on the big day. 

Luckily, our expert hairdressers in the Birmingham city centre have trained for years to perfect many bridal hairstyles, including this one. 

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7. The Ballerina Bun

Defined by its smooth, neat style, the ballerina bun traditionally features a big bun resting on top of the crown of your head. This sleek style leaves your best features on show for all to behold as you glide elegantly down the aisle.

Perfect for accentuating the beauty and drama of plunging dresses or lace detailing on the back of the dress, the ballerina bun is a stunning and sleek bridal hairstyle option. We’ll make sure to use high-quality hair products to keep this style in place all day.

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8. Half Up Half Down

This timeless classic continues to be a popular choice for brides in 2019 – which is why it’s drastically important that you invest in the expertise of hairdressers in the Birmingham city centre you can trust. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, even wore this voluptuous style when she married Prince William back in 2011 – proving this as a style fit for royalty!

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9. Messy Bun with Hair Piece

The addition of a cute accessory like flowers or a sparkling hairpiece will instantly transform this style from cute and casual to an all-action contemporary princess. You’ll instantly exhibit a boho-chic and natural style to your look with this hairdo, ideal for outdoor weddings or garden themes.

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10. The Multi-Braided Bun

This elegant and beautifully complicated choice is perfect for brides who wish to stand out on their big day with an eye-catching style. Through utilising many different braids, your hair will become the centrepiece of your look as you shine on the alter with confidence. Of course, an expert stylist is required to make this masterpiece work and ensure that stray hairs don’t come out over the course of the day.

Getting the Best Help for Your Big Day

It’s your big day; it’s only right to feel beautiful and confident. Therefore, why not invest in the expert care and styling expertise of a professional hair salon in Birmingham City Centre? 

Our expert stylists at James Bushell have been delivering expert hair care for years, meaning unlocking your hair’s potential has never been easier! Get in contact today to book an appointment.