Protect Your Hair from UV Rays this Summer

Lying on a beach is perfect for your mental wellbeing, It’s not always so perfect for your hair. These Kerastase products will help ensure your hair stays in the best condition, without having to avoid the swimming pool.

Available at all 3 of our Hair Salons across Birmingham and Solihull


Intense Nourishing Masque For Sun Exposed Hair.

Anti-damage masque with UV filters for colour-treated, sun exposed hair.

  • Hair feels intensely nourished
  • Hair feels protected
  • Hair feels more resistant

Daily nourishing shampoo with UV filters.

Daily nourishing shampoo with UV filters for colour-treated hair to protect, repair and beautify hair exposed to the sun.

  • Hair feels nourished and protected against sun damage
  • Hair feels more resistant
  • Hair feels detangled and softened

Leave-in spray for sun-exposed hair.

Fine, dry and light mist to protect against sun, salt and chlorinated water.

  • Ultrafine diffusion
  • Non greasy residue
  • Hair feels protected and looks beautified
  • Natural touch

Leave-in Beautifying Cream.

Leave-in Complete Correction cream with UV filters, ceramides and Linseed Oil suitable for all hair types.

Complete care for sun exposed hair to provide sublime protection and radiance.

  • Hair looks instantly nourished, illuminated and smoothed
  • Hair feels protected under the sun
  • Hair feels detangled and soft to the touch

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Edgbaston – Option 1

Solihull – Option 2

Harvey Nichols – Option 3