How To Keep Coloured Hair Healthy

Our expert stylists at James Bushell have been delivering expert hair care to the Birmingham City Centre for years. With this in mind, we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge on the most effective hair colour treatment and styling techniques and hair care out there.

Coloured hair simply needs some extra care! With proper care you can maintain your colour making hair silky and shiny. Want to know how? Our Birmingham hairdressers share there Top 5 tips for healthy coloured hair.  

Wash your hair less

The best way to care for your coloured hair is to only wash 2–3 times a week – use dry shampoo on oily roots to last you that extra day! Also, the more you wash your hair the faster your colour fades, just another reason to cut down on the excessive hair washing.

Using the right shampoo

Always use a colour protective shampoo- using a colour safe shampoo designed for coloured hair is the key to keeping your hair looking fresh, vibrant and healthy. Using a regular shampoo can wash you colour away. Our Birmingham hairdressers recommend Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique specially designed to cleanse and revive coloured hair.


Hair becomes more fragile after colour and its common that over time hair can feel and look dry when not looked after properly. One of the most important factors to maintain healthy hair is hydration! Using conditioner helps form a protective barrier which helps prevent your colour from washing out, make sure to condition hair every time you shampoo. Colour hair care products are typically much more hydrating than standard products helping add moisture to your hair.

To maximise moisture then try using leave in treatments and deep conditioning masks to give your hair long lasting hydration.


Loreal Proffessional’s Smartbond is a hair strengthening system that has been specifically designed to protect bonds while colouring. It helps re build bonds that have been broken down by colour damage and heat damage, promoting softer, stronger and shinier looking locks! We offer Smartbond as an in-salon treatment with your colour service and it is available to purchase as a home care service. Our Birmingham hairdressers recommend using Smartbond in your colour service and weekly at home as part of your hair care routine for maximum results.

Minimise heat styling

Many of us subject our hair to more heat than we should. Using excessive heat causes your colour to fade and leaves hair dry. Avoiding heat altogether is the best way to keep hair colour vibrant however, this is not practical for some clients. If this is the case for you then try to keep heat styling to a minimum and air dry hair whenever possible. Be sure to set all your styling tools to a low heat setting and use heat protections products.

James Bushell always deliver a service which places emphasis on care, professionalism and attention to detail, allowing you to feel confident that our stylists are going to maximise your hairs potential. Get in contact today to book an appointment at our hair salon Birmingham and unlock the style and colour that you’ve always wanted.