Hair Blunders You’re Probably Making

Most of us are focused purely on aesthetics, when it comes to our hair, trying to achieve celeb-worthy styles at break-neck speed. But this approach won’t maximise those chances of having a flourishing mane. So, let our James Bushell Professionals at our Solihull salon educate you on a few, easily avoidable hair blunders you’re probably guilty of.

Placing products onto your root

Although it may feel nice, as you’re massaging that serum into your scalp, you’re actually committing a major hair crime. Our scalp naturally produces oils and won’t benefit from additional products blocking the follicles. Our stylist at our Solihull hairdressers recommend opting to distribute products from the mid, to ends, of your hair will avoid a greasy build up on your scalp, and give the TLC to areas that need it. There are a couple of exceptions, such as root volumizers, and shampoo, but generally it’s best to abide by this rule.

Ponytails too often

Who doesn’t love throwing their hair up into a pony? 0.2 seconds later and the hair, you were fighting with is quickly tamed. But James Bushell pros can assure you, bobbles are not your best friend, and this, go-to, style isn’t the solution we should always rely on. Repeatedly pulling your hair up, or back into the same position, will weaken your hairline. Not to mention, the double impact of binding your hair with elastics. Although we can’t deny the ease or elegance of this style a pony-tail addiction will not keep our locks strong or healthy.

Heat turned all the way up and 24/7

This idea that the hotter, you crank up the blow-dryer, the better your hair will come out has done well to deceive us. Our Solihull stylists are here to let you know this is another one of those hair myths. Putting your hair tools, on the highest heat settings correlates only with, brittle and heat-damaged, hair. Although piping hot straighteners, and blow-dryers, may shave a minute, or two, off styling time it really isn’t worth the drama. Excessive heat usage is never recommended however, when doing so, don’t think twice about popping on that medium heat setting.  James Bushell Salons have the professional tools and expertise to deliver safe and effective heat-styling.

Brushing too often  

There’s an overwhelming self-indulgence when you spend time, in the mirror, petting your locks. But like most things, that feel good, this isn’t always good for our hair. Whilst it’s important, to stay on top of those tangles, over-brushing isn’t wise. Think of all that hair in your brush? Yes, you are literally, extracting your follicles with all that vigorous handling. By no means are we advising that you abandon your brush, as you’ll be in for bigger problems, but keep brushing to a minimum. For an added layer of protection apply conditioner, before detangling, that’ll be sure to keep shedding at bay.

Not using a heat protectant before applying heat

Would you think twice about wearing sunscreen on a summer’s day? Absolutely not. It’s time to re-programme your mind and treat, your hair, the same. Say it with us, protect, protect, protect. James Bushell stylists always apply, and recommend, a good quality heat protectant before using any heat tools. Although it can feel super irrelevant, incorporating this product, before switching on that blow-dryer, is vital. It gives your hair an added layer of defence, and will aid, in preventing heat damage.

You’re towel drying your hair

It’s speedy, simple, and let’s not even mention how cute those twisty, towel, turbans make you feel. But no hun, this isn’t a noughties chick flick, abrasively drying your hair, with a towel, is no longer the in-thing. The harsh material will surely leave you with frizzy residue so ditch the towel, and dig out, an old t-shirt instead. Gently blotting, with a cotton t-shirt, will limit friction. It will also majorly

Not sectioning your hair when styling

Going at your whole head all at once always seems like the easier option. That is, of course until you get 20 minutes in and realise your hair has absolutely zero synchronisation. Blow drying away, in any old direction isn’t going to leave your locks in a pleasant state. Our Solihull stylists suggest sectioning you’re hair reduce the chances of frizz, split ends, and damage.

Going to sleep with your hair wet

After a relaxing bedtime bath, or shower, the only thing, on our agenda, is locking into Netflix. However shut-eye, and wet hair, is a terrible combination that you will cost you, more than bags, the next morning. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. Teaming this up with friction, as you toss and turn is guaranteed to equal a frizz bomb. Although it’s inconvenient and hitting the sack will is always be the nicer option, you’ve got to put that mane first. Our Solihull hairdressers say to avoid going to sleep with wet hair at all costs.

Too Much Product

It’s hard to resist that urge when you’re enticed by yet another new product. Wash night awaits and you’re eager to experiment with your latest purchases. But we’re here to let you know, lavishing your locks with a cocktail of products, will only result in a heavy, greased up, do. Try and stick to three, or four, staple products. Remember quality over quantity, and sometimes, less really is more. For guidance on the products you need, check out our blog ‘3 Simple Ways to improve your hair’.

Providing care, professionalism and attention to detail are some things we take very seriously at our professional Birmingham hairdresser. Our talented and experienced stylists will always take the time to listen to your exact request and work alongside you to provide the perfect hair service.

No matter what your hair type you can be rest assured that all the hair products above will protect your hair while also targeting your hairs needs. Achieving great hair has never been so easy! Follow us on Instagram @jamesbushellhair to keep up to date with the latest products and trends.