Get These Celebrities Looks At Your Hairdressers in Birmingham

In the world of hair, fashion and style, trends are constantly changing, with A-List and upcoming celebrities rocking the latest trends and hair transformations at red carpet events or on their Instagram posts. Hairstyles, colours and cuts are constantly evolving throughout the years, revealing new and interesting styles that we just can’t wait to try out on our stylish customers!

Having the latest, on trend hairstyle is an absolute must for trendsetters, and we’re here to help you keep your locks looking fresh. We’ve compiled some of the latest and hottest celebrity hair trends in 2019 so far so you can look through and decide on a style that’d work well for you.

We are professional hairdressers in Birmingham and we also have salons in other areas of the UK. Read more to find out about recent celebrity styles and our thoughts, opinions and recommendations for you based on these styles and decide on your next hair adventure before booking an appointment at our Birmingham salon.

Step Back in Time

Recently, Miley Cyrus has took a step back in time and returned to the classic golden, wavy locks as sported by her younger self. This has inspired hair enthusiasts to head to hairdressers to get their hair transformed to this gorgeous style.

If you really want to get that Miley 2019 look, be brave and ask for those bangs to be cut in too! Fringes are so in at the moment anyway, so you’ll be making the most of two popular styles in one.

If you’ve already got the colour and bangs down, you can always pop into our hairdressers in Birmingham to have it professionally styled just like Miley. We use high-quality products to get you that perfect finish. Think soft, bouncy curls that reflect the light with every curve. 

Modern Classic

Cole Sprouse was recently seen rocking a pompadour hairstyle that’s giving us all the 50’s vibes. We love seeing classic and timeless trends reappearing, especially when it comes to hair.

Just as seen on Cole, this style looks amazing with glossy black tresses. If Cole’s style is something you idolize, why not follow in his footsteps and take a plunge to the dark side? We have professional colour services that can take you to your desired shade.

The Lob Gang

The lob haircut blew up in 2016, and it’s shown no signs of going out of fashion. Khloe Kardashian recently joined the lob gang but spiced it up by taking it a shade of platinum blonde.

We love the lob and we think it can work for so many people. Whether you go for a choppy lob, smart lob or something a little more grunge, we can transform your longer locks to this short, sensational style.

Dua Lipa had a great take on the classic lob, opting for an “undone” effect with choppy layers and more texture as opposed to the classic sleek lob we see being worn by the Kardashian tribe.

Wispy Bangs

We’ve seen a selection of models, including Insta-famous models rocking this 90’s inspired hair trend. Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram showing off her choppy, wispy bangs and we actually think 2019 has room for more of this fringe style!

Perfect for if you’re not sure what to do with your fringe, wispy bangs are a great first step before taking the dive into full-on bangs. If you’re a 90’s queen, this hairstyle will be sure to fit perfectly with your fashion choices, too.

If you want to be a true trendsetter, combine wispy bangs with the popular chopped look as sported by Hayley Baldwin recently. We think this is a hair match made in heaven and is perfect for those girls who want something a little more low-maintenance.

Buzzcut Season

Okay, we’ve seen this trend absolutely everywhere! Perfect for both stylish ladies and gentlemen, the classic and timeless buzzcut is really making a strong comeback for 2019.

We’ve seen this look on Justin Bieber and Joey king, and we think it’s perfect for brave fashionistas who want to make a statement with their hair.

Getting a good buzz cut takes more than just going through your hair with a razor, though…make sure you make an appointment with your hairdressers, such as us here at James Bushell, to do a good job for you.

Pixie Realness

This isn’t a cut for everyone, but it has taken the celebrity world by storm with models and actors such as Rowan Blanchard rocking this edgy but cute style. We think the pixie cut is perfect for those wanting to achieve a edgy and jaw-dropping style.

Pixie cuts are also really easy to style and maintain, we’ll just do the hard work for you to craft that perfect style of pixie cut that is suited to you and your personal style. If you want to take this trend a step further, take a note from Zayn Malik’s book and try combining this short and impactful cut with bold hair colours.

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Overall, it seems 2019 is making way for all kinds of takes on the short hairstyle. From lobs to pixie cuts to even a full shave, it seems our much-loved celebrities are opting for shorter styles, especially for spring 2019.

Are you desperate to update your look with a celebrity-inspired style and experiment with shorter-length cuts and styles? We don’t blame you, and we want to try these looks on people too! We are a professional hairdressers in Birmingham who have years of experience with hair transformations. We’re bang on trend with all the latest hairstyles and our mission is to have people walking out of our salon and turning heads!

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