Autumn Hairstyles and How To Pull Them Off

Don’t get stuck in your same old hair routine this autumn, step it up a notch! If you’re not sure about that colour change or if you’ve been holding off on a big hair chop then instead opt for the latest hair accessories to switch up your autumn hairstyle. We know change can be scary but our Birmingham hairdressers have all the hairstyle inspiration you need to take the leap into the autumn trends.

The best celeb hair trends for autumn 2019 include statement hair slides, low ponytails, curtain fringes, crimped waves, centre partings and half up half down styles. Continue reading to find out our stylists favourite looks and why.

Statement Hair Slides

We always welcome new trends especially ones that require minimal effort. Hair accessories are the hottest trend this autumn, including bold hair slides, pretty pins and headbands. Our stylists are sure you’ve seen these all over your Instagram feed. On those days where your look needs a finishing touch adding accessories to your lovely locks will bring any look to life – it’s the perfect finishing touch!

Are you inspired by all the autumnal accessories but not sure what will work best for your hair? Don’t panic, our hairdressers Sutton Coldfield are here to show you their top picks to transform your hair.

Ashley Graham was seen sporting these statement slides at the Met Gala, this retro hair accessory is back and hotter than ever. Also did we forget to mention – the more clips the better!

Autumn Hairstyles: Ashley Graham styling Hair Slides at the Met Gala 2019

statement HAIRBANDS

Headbands are well are truly back, they make your hair instantly look done without any time or effort. We love this one from Boohoo!

Autumn Hairstyles: Satin Twist Knot Headband by Boohoo

pretty hair pins

Adding pretty pins makes any hair style instantly look chic. You can opt for wearing one grip or the whole pack, either way it’s a perfect way to accessorise this season.

Autumn Hairstyles: stylish hair pins

Low Ponytails

Ponytails don’t have to be boring, whether it’s a sleek low pony, a glam up do or even a tousled style, it’s no secret that ponytails have become the go to style.

A sleek pony is never out of fashion – it’s the super chic red carpet hairstyle with celebs from Beyoncé to Kendall Jenner showing us how to rock this super easy updo.

For a more textured look our Birmingham hairdressers suggest simply pull out some face framing pieces for a more laid back look.

You can even add something extra to your ponytail by adding a long braid.

Woke up late? Or avoiding that much needed hair wash for another day? Either way a low ponytail is the perfect style to see you through this season.

Autumn Hairstyles: Beyonce Low Ponytail

Curtain Fringe

At our hair salon Sutton Coldfield we understand that the idea of a fringe can be daunting and can mean more styling in the morning however, our stylists show us their favourite looks that might just convince you to take the plunge.

What’s a curtain fringe? This is a fringe that is parted down the middle framing your face usually slightly longer than your standard fringe and have wispy ends. This creates a gorgeous laid back look that all our favourite stars have been seen sporting.

Curtain fringe does require some heat styling and products to help maintain shape and give them body. A bonus is curtain fringes look good no matter what your hair type – curly, straight or wavy although our hairdresser Sutton Coldfield believe they do work best on those with medium to thick hair.

Autumn Hairstyles: Kendall Jenner Curtain Fringe

Crimped Waves

The craze for crimped waves is back and we are starting to see this trend everywhere from red carpets to runways. Fashion always repeats itself but we think crimped waves are here to stay this time. Crimped hair is defined waves that start at the root of your hair down to the tips creating an ultra-glam look.

Autumn Hairstyles: Kim Kardashian West Crimped Waves

Want to recreate this look? Our Birmingham hairdressers tell us how.

  1. Brush through your hair and take your hair into sections we recommend 3-4 sections depending on how thick your hair is.
  2. In your first section take your first piece of hair (our stylist recommend 1 inch sections of hair) and apply your favourite heat protector. Then take your preferred styling tool, crimped waves can be created with curling tongs, straighteners or a waver depending on your preference and what works best for your hair. To create this specific look our Sutton Coldfield hair salon suggest using a waver.
  3. Go through your hair section by section from root to tip placing the waver down for approximately 5-10 seconds depending on how defined you would like the waves.
  4. To finish run a small pea sized amount of serum through ends to eliminate any frizz and a spritz of hair spray to keep in place.

centre partings

Autumn Hairstyles: Centre Partings

The centre parting is a classic which creates a simple and sophisticated style. No two centre partings are the same due to how it’s created and it can be styled in so many different ways.

A Centre parting is especially ideal for those with thick hair as it helps to even the hair out. Different styles work better with different cuts and different face shapes so don’t be afraid to ask our stylists what would suit you best. Our favourite way to rock a centre parting is with loose beach waves as seen on Jennifer Lawrence.

Half up – Half Down

Half up half down is a quick and easy hairstyle that suits anyone! Its the perfect way to break up your hair routine and can make a world of difference, here’s our favourite looks;

Face-Framing Strands

This face framing style includes teasing the hair at your crown to create more volume leaving pieces out at the front to create this elegant look.

Autumn Hairstyles: Face Framing Half Up - Half Down

Braided Half-Updo

Try braiding your hair to achieve a more edgy look finish into a ponytail . This can be done using a variety of braid for example fishtail braid or french plaits.

Autumn Hairstyles: Braided Half Updo

creating your own autumn hairstyles

Ask your Sutton Coldfield hairdresser to slightly turn up your ends with a round brush when blow drying to recreate these A-listers locks. Also perfect if you prefer your hair away from your face!

So whether your hair is big and bouncy or sleek straight our Birmingham hairdressers have proved there is something to suit everyone’s style this autumn. Don’t be scared to step outside your comfort zone and recreate these bold autumnal trends.

Here at James Bushell Hair we have been delivering expert hair care to the West Midlands for over 10 years. Our team of experienced stylists at the Sutton Coldfield salon would love to help you to achieve these super on trend looks. To book an appointment call us on 0121 711 1100 and select your preferred salon from the options. Get in contact today to book an appointment and unlock the style and colour that you’ve always wanted.

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