5 Minutes with James Bushell

How did you get into your hairdressing career?

I was always very creative at school and enjoyed art and carving things out of wood. I thought I’d be able to challenge my creative side in hairdressing.

Whats the best thing about having your own salon/brand?

Being able to provide everyone with a high quality service so when they leave the salon they have had a relaxing and enjoyable experience and leave feeling 1 million dollars!

Whats the best advice you would give to your clients?

The advice I give is usually different depending on hair type, face shape and time people have to look after their hair. Everyone has different requirements.

How would you describe your hairdressing style?

Tailored…It’s different depending on the needs of the person sat in front of me.

What is your favourite meal?

It’s got to be fish and chips

Who are your icons?

For hair it’s the Moscolow brothers and Nagi Noza for avent garde hair.
For fashion it’s got to be Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli

Sofa or Gym?


What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

If I’m not working I love taking my dogs for a walk in the country side.